So what if we started our THIRD collective story?

Hey noveltrove readers and writers!

What do you say we start a brand-new collective story? Have you read the first two I started and had noveltrove members join in to write on?

Here are the links:
Jill's Hawaiian Vacation: https://noveltrove.com/story/253/jill-s-hawaiian-vacation


My New Roommate: https://noveltrove.com/story/1795/my-new-roommate

So this is how it works. I'll write an intro... the first few paragraphs, and then, anybody who feels inspired can hop on and continue the story. In the two previous stories, I eventually came back on and finished the story, but if somebody else has an idea for the ending this time, that will be fine, too. What will be different this time is I'll set a time limit. You can enter and write segments until October 31st, 2018. After that, if we haven't reached a conclusion yet, I'll hop back on and create a conclusion, bring our story to a plausible (I hope) and pleasable (I hope even more) ending. :)

By the way, you don't have to be the best author in the world to participate. Just write a few lines that contribute to the story. Have fun, use your imagination, and trust me to edit for spelling or grammar, etc... Don't worry and just do it!

So are you ready? Here goes!

Tristan LeMay, author xx

(Posted Aug 10, 2018)