As you know, STRAIGHT doesn't have to mean boring...

... for our 8th COLLECTIVE STORY! Here are the guidelines: We want a 'straight' story, the main character/narrator is a woman, and we want a sci-fi element to it. Feeling up to the task? Hop on and add your part.


I spent so many years in school, I thought I'd never get my degree. I mean I did get a degree in forensic medicine, but I was so fascinated with robotics and I couldn't help but think how much that field would eventually impact forensic science. So I just stayed in school and ended up getting a PhD in robotics as well. When I was finally hired in a lab and started doing research, I had been cut off from any kind of social life for the longest time and ended up realizing that I didn't know how to talk to people anymore. Anyone outside the medical or engineering fields. And when I did talk to people, it was only about work, science or research.

It really hit me hard when I went to my high school reunion. Everybody there was either married or had been married, living with someone, had children, had a life outside their professional activities... and actually seemed to use their genital organs! It made me realize that since my second year of college, I'd pretty much let myself dry up. I was dead as a human being. I was becoming a robot.

I don't know what possessed me to find the courage to open up, but one day, after work, this Chinese girl Chan juan, who runs the genetics lab next door and is absolutely gorgeous although she seems to be as much of a nerd as I am, suggested I go to the pool with her. She told me she tried to get a swim in at least every other day and she felt it would be good to help me relieve stress and tension.

- Do you think I look stressed? I asked.

She just smiled.

- Okay, yeah. I guess I am...

- Maybe because you don't do much physical activity of any kind. Am I right?

She was. But the way she looked at me, it felt as though she was insinuating all sorts of things.

I didn't know if I wanted to go to the pool with her. I was afraid the experience would send me reeling.

- You might even see a guy or two that might... pique your interest, she said, winking.

I was both annoyed and intrigued. How dare this girl who didn't know me from Adam insinuate that I might need sex. Well, I did. But she didn't need to know that. It made me so mad that I decided I'd go to her stupid pool to get her off my back and that I'd visit a high-class, high-tech sex shop right after so that she could never again detect any kind of tension or stress!


(Posted Jun 16, 2019)