We'll have a GAY old time writing our 7th Collective Story!


Ever since I can remember, I've spent at least a few weeks at Camp Pocaneekwa every summer. It started when I was six or seven as a camper, and when I turned 16, I was promoted to assistant counselor. Last year, when I had finished my Junior year of College, I was promoted to Assistant Camp Coodinator. I was responsible for supervising the whole bunch of camp counselors and got a substantial raise which I was happy about 'cause College can really set you back a pretty penny as you know.

Anyway, I also knew I'd be seeing a lot of old friends again, some who'd been around almost as long as I had. Kids who'd been campers and were now counselors. I was a bit nervous about a few of them who might resent the fact that I'd be their boss for the summer but I really didn't want to start throwing my new title around. I was planning on having a get-together at the beginning of the summer, before the kids started arriving for their weeks of fun in nature, and tell all the counselors that I wanted to be a cool, easy-to-talk to leader.

I was also not sure how some of the guys I'd fooled around in the past would react to me being named to Assistant Camp Coordinator. Would they think I sucked somebody's cock to get a promotion? Would they make jokes about shit like that? I honestly have to say it made me nervous. It also made me anxious to think about a few of those guys who still gave me boners in my dreams and fantasies although I'd met a guy at school and was actually in a serious, monogamous relationship that had started four months ago. My boyfriend Cal was on the football team and still in the closet but we'd still sworn to each other that we'd be exclusive... or, at least, honest with each other if we transgressed.

We both knew that spending six weeks away from each other would not be easy.


(Posted Jun 15, 2019)