The time has come to start our 9th collective story! Ready?

Hey everybody, readers, writers, noveltrovers!

It's time to start writing collective story number 9. I know a lot of you have yet to read the previous ones and of course since we have stories for all tastes and orientations, you won't necessarily want to read them all but... we certainly have a good time writing them and I'm thrilled to see that we have regular contributors. Of course, that doesn't mean that new people can't jump in at any time. After all, we are a growing community, with new members joining almost every day. So I sure hope we'll have many people adding to this new story. But before we get started, here are the links to our previous stories. If you want to check them out!

* Jill's Hawaiian Vacation (straight): https://noveltrove.com/story/253/jill-s-hawaiian-vacation

* My New Roommate (lesbian): https://noveltrove.com/story/1795/my-new-roommate

* It Was a Dark Night (bi, trans): https://noveltrove.com/story/2058/it-was-a-dark-night

* Happy New Year, New York City! (straight, bi): https://noveltrove.com/story/2230/happy-new-year-new-york-city

* Catching Up with J.B. (gay): https://noveltrove.com/story/2361/catching-up-with-j-b

* My Hot Stay in the Hospital (gay, hi): https://noveltrove.com/story/2431/my-hot-stay-in-the-hospital

* Isabella's Sexy VR Adventure (straight): https://noveltrove.com/story/2547/isabella-s-sexy-vr-adventure

* Hooking Up at Camp Pocaneekwa (gay): https://noveltrove.com/story/2564/hooking-up-at-camp-pocaneekwa

And if you don't know how this works, here's what you need to know. I'll write an intro, the first few paragraphs, and then, anybody who feels inspired can hop on and continue the story. In our first eight stories, I always came back at the end to finish the story, edit and correct it before I published it in the noveltrove story section with everybody's name in the opening - si that's probably what will happen again -, but if somebody else has an idea for an ending, that's fine, too. I want everybody to get as involved as they want! Of course, let's not end the story after two or three lines! Let's keep it going as close as we can to the deadline 'cause yeah, for our last six stories, I set a time limit and I think that worked out well. So we'll do it again this time, too.

Anybody who is a noveltrove member can enter and write segments until October 13th, 2019. After that, if we haven't reached a conclusion yet, I'll hop back on and create an ending so we can bring our story to a plausible (that's always the goal) and pleasurable (in every sense of the word!) ending. :)

By the way, as I always say, you don't have to be the best author in the world to participate. Just write a few lines that contribute to the story, keeping in mind what has been written by the previous contributors. Have fun, use your imagination, and trust me to edit for spelling or grammar, etc... Don't worry and just do it!

So... is everybody ready? Here we go!

Tristan LeMay, author xx

(Posted Sep 23, 2019)