A tip for formatting stories on Noveltrove

I honestly don't know what forum this should go in, so for now, I'm posting it in the writing forum.

Anyway, Noveltrove (NT) doesn't copy formatting when you copy and paste from Word. If you're like me, you write almost exclusively in word and make frequent use of italics. So how do we get around this more easily?

Well, you can get Word to highlight words in a certain format.

First, go to the Find tab in the upper right of the Home tab in Word.

Click "Advanced Find". Then click "More>>"

Now go to "Format" then "Font"

Under "Font style" click "italic"

Hit OK. Under the find window, click "Reading highlight" and click "highlight all"

Now all your italicized text is highlighted.

Now you can open this window in one half of the screen and NT in the other and you can easily see where you have to correct it.

And if you have a gaming keyboard, you can bind a macro key to "Left-click+Left-click+ctrl+i" which will highlight the current word and italicize it whenever you press the key if your mouse is hovering over it.

I hope this helps someone.


(Posted Feb 02, 2017)