I, and the other authors on this site, spend a lot of time writing and editing our stories. While I never break a sweat (unless I'm writing a sex scene, LOL,) it sometimes can become tedious. At the same time, we enjoy the process; if we didn't, we wouldn't write.

So, eventually, we get it to what we think is perfect. Then we post it and Arti puts it on the site.

Sometimes, we can see it's looked at dozens, hundreds or even thousands of times. And very few likes, even less comments. One particular story of mine has been looked at 5,746 times and there have been only 4 comments. That's a return of only 0.07%.

And you should know that a comment is likely to make an author's day. Even if it's only, "Hey, gee, thanks," we get the feeling we aren't putting our work into a dessert. If you haven't got anything great to say about it, the story was just average (or even below,) you can make a constructive comment such as, "I would have liked better it if there was more dialogue" or some such. I'd prefer it if you didn't say, "Wow, you sure are a cuckold, you should go kill yourself!" - yes, I do get comments like that on Literotica.

I beg of you, if you read a story, comment on it. It will spur authors to other, better stories that perhaps you'll like.


     Adam Gunn