Why not use the "About" section of your homepage?

I’ve always wondered why there are so many members of the site who have nothing in the “About” section of their home page.  By my rough count, only about ten percent of the current authors have any information there at all, and I think that’s a disservice to both the readers and authors.

I’m not talking about the old “ASL” question that used to be asked on the bulletin boards and forums of days gone by.  That’s more information than I would expect any author to give.  What I’m talking about is a little synopsis of who you are and what you like to write and read.

This would help both readers and authors.  For instance, on some sites, the author can “tag” the story with specific items of content such as “Pirate”, “Space”, or “Occult”.  As Noveltrove now stands, the selection of genre for a story is limited to three of the forty-one listed, so you can easily find a story that probably fits into one of those categories.  What if a reader really likes stories about characters from one of the popular computer games?

If the author stated a preference for writing in a specific genre, and a few do, it would make it easier to find other stories in that genre by looking up the author’s “About” section after reading a story the reader particularly liked.  That would generate a following for the author as well.

It is interesting to note that all of the top twenty authors on Noveltrove have written about themselves on the “About” section of their home page.  Some have fairly detailed descriptions of what they enjoy writing, some do state age and gender, and some have links to their own site or to another site where their stories appear.  

Links help the reader if they want to find more stories from a particular author that might not be on Noveltrove for one reason or another, and also helps build the traffic on the author’s site.  The “About” page is also the best place to put these links.

So, the next time you submit a story, go to your home page and write a little about yourself.  You can still remain anonymous to the world.  Just write a few lines about what you like to write and maybe why you write erotica.  That way, readers will know you a little better, and might even start watching for the next story you publish.