Beware of "The Internet of Things"

We keep hearing about the "Internet of Things".  What that means is more and more things are being connected to the internet via 5g cell phone networks.  These things are household appliances, autos, door bells, home security systems, and now sex toys.  I just read an article about a sex toy called a "Cellmate", a BDSM device into which a man inserts his penis.  The device prevents him from achieving an erection and the lock/unlock feature is controlled by a cell phone. I would assume this is achieved via a Bluetooth interface.

Well, at least two owners of a Cellmate have been contacted with a message saying the hacker had control of the device, had locked it, and would unlock it after payment of a fee.  A hacker was able to gain entry into the controlling cell phone and lock the device.  Neither of the victims were wearing the device, so no damage was done.

It's bad enough when hackers can ransom your computer data, but now they're ransoming your cock.  It's not like you can just go buy a new one and start over.

This is the link to the article.  https://www.vice.com/en/article/m7apnn/your-cock-is-mine-now-hacker-locks-internet-connected-chastity-cage-demands-ransom