Things allowed

My stories kind of take over and write themselves sometimes and...sometimes it might be appropriate for the site that I am attempting to publish it on. One of my best stories was flagged on literotica, and I was given an editor to work with however, they never would tell me why it was flagged. Even when I directly asked them about particular parts. So, the jist of the story is the 18 yr old babysitter of my main character's friend is dtf. There is limited mention of the children that she is babysitting...in one scene she is looking out the window to make sure of where they are while she masturbates, and in another the scene states that two of the children are across the street attending a sleepover and the baby is in her room asleep, down for the night. There is also mention of drug use by both of the main characters, and the drug name is said. Taking any of those things out of the story makes the story....blah...meh...hmph.... The editor provided completely rewrote the story omitting some of the afore mentioned taboo topics but, not all....and then tried to publish it in his name b/c I was unable to publish the original....yeah.... I'm sure that there are rules about topics but, on my mobile is the only way that I am able to get on the site and I can't find anything that speaks directly to the topics. Thank you in advance for your assistance, comments, and advice.