The top ten stories from March are on the blog.

The top ten stories submitted to Noveltrove during March are on the blog along with those from January and February.  I'll keep posting the top ten for every month. 

The ranking is very simple.  It's the ten stories submitted during a month that got the most votes and they're sorted by number of votes and submission date because I had to break the list in a way that was fair to all authors.  The highest rated story will be first on the list.  In the case of a tie for tenth place, the date submitted determines which author's story show as tenth place on the list.  In other words, if the tenth and eleventh ranked stories had the same number of votes, the story submitted first will show on the list as tenth place.

Have a look and read the top stories.  By seeing why these stories got more votes than others, you might pick up some tips that will put your work in the top ten in the future.