Top Ten Current Stories

Noveltrove has a sort function that allows a reader to sort stories by popularity.  This is both a good and a bad feature.  It's good because it's easy to find the best stories on Noveltrove.  It's bad because "best" often means the story has just been published on Noveltrove for a long time and has been read by a lot of readers who also gave the story a lot of likes.

What I'm trying to do here is using the blog to showcase the most voted on current stories.  This list has the top ten stories for 2022 by month.  I apologize for the formatting, but Noveltrove is a bit odd when it converts Word to text.  Let me know what you think.

Title                                                       Author            Categories
The Halloween Party                         silverhawk    Mature, Straight      
A Simple Offering, Part 1                 GirlNextDoor    Fantasy, Romance, Straight     
Wife Swap                                          CarrieKitty    Anal, Hotwife      
What Happened in Majorca stays in
Majorca                                              Jennyjo67    Group, Soft Domination, TRUE Stories   
The Comanche Way                         silverhawk    Interracial, Romance, Straight     
Caught You Dressed in your Wife's
Panties                                               Jennyjo67    Fetish & Kink, Short Stories, Soft Core
Kitten BunBun                                ApexOfLust    Fetish & Kink, Soft Domination, Straight  
And I Oblige                                    PopThisCherry    Letters & Poetry     
On My Knees, Where I belong    subdaphne    First Time, Lesbian, Soft Domination   
Our First Intimate Step                Anonymous_Newb    First Time, Short Stories, Straight 



Title                    Author            Categories
The Proper Thing To Do                silverhawk    Adventure, Romance, Straight
It Was Only Once            silverhawk    Romance, Straight
Sensuous Sarah            silverhawk    Mature, Romance, Straight
Career as a High Class Escort –
The Chance Meeting            CarrieKitty    Adventure, Lesbian
Blossoming Beauty            PopThisCherry    Old & Young (18+), Romance, Straight
Sex toy fun in the shed            AaronAskew    Masturbation, Toys
Kiss of the Dragon - A Halloween Story    TheTechnician    Fantasy, First Time, Out of the Ordinary
Full Service Trucking            TatankaBill    Hotwife
Foursome with Neighbours        CarrieKitty    Anal, Group, Swinger
A Lesson in Humility Chapter 1:
Submission 101                VenusEnCuero    Femdom, Fetish & Kink, Soft Domination



Title                    Author            Categories
An Alaskan Tundra Adventure                 silverhawk    Adventure, Romance, Straight       
Evelyn, the Electrician                            silverhawk    Romance, Straight       
Nurse Nancy                                         silverhawk    Romance, Straight       
A Writer’s Dilemma and the Muse               silverhawk    Mature, Romance, Straight       
1st time sharing my wife                            AaronAskew    True Stories       
Being a Good Neighbor                            JDDunne    Short Stories, Straight       
An intense workout session                     Memo                 Fetish & Kink, Soft Domination, Straight       
So You're Really Leaving?                      Marathon_Moments    Adventure, First Time, True Stories       
The Girlfriend Experience
(Chapter Nineteen)                            JeremyDCP    Group, Romance       
The bartender                            Memo    Exhibitionist & Voyeur, Fetish & Kink       


TOP TEN STORIES FOR Aug 2022        
Title                                                                Author          Categories
The Vixen,  Some Vice,  and a Daughter's

Advice                                                           silverhawk    Mature  Romance  Straight     
Stealing Valeria                                             silverhawk    Adventure  Romance  Straight     
Second Shift Night Guard                             silverhawk    Mature  Romance  Straight     
The Discovery                                               Wise Ginger    Mature  Romance  Straight     
An Older office client                                    Dinapetro    Anal  First Time  True Stories     
Sunshine by Candlelight                                JDDunne    Out of the Ordinary  Short Stories  Straight     
Marianne and her friends                               MichaelRK    Adventure  First Time  Old & Young (18+)     
The Gift                                                          scrawl    Masturbation  Straight      
Restless Night                                                JayHunt    Fantasy  Out of the Ordinary  Short Stories     
Away from the past  and back                        Wise Ginger    First Time  Romance  Straight     


TOP TEN STORIES FOR Jul 2022        
Title                                                             Author    Categories
The 1951 Dodge Business Coupe                silverhawk    First Time, Romance, Straight       
Rita, The Computer Forensics Specialist      silverhawk    Adventure, Romance, Straight       
Soybeans, Hay, Maddy, and Stacey             silverhawk    First Time, Old & Young (18+), Romance       
Moving Day for Molly: Part Two                     JDDunne    Short Stories, Straight       
Love, Lust, and Erin, Part One                       Hamlin    First Time, Old & Young (18+), Romance       
Confessions of a College Girl Pizza Delivery
Chick                                                              janus2021    Anal, Group, Out of the Ordinary       
Influencers - Chapter 1                                  xban    Femdom, Fetish & Kink, Lesbian       
Dorothy's Sunday Afternoon                             Sky_Bubble    Short Stories, Straight, True Stories       
Damn Lucky woman                                  Dinapetro    Adventure, Exhibitionist & Voyeur, First Time       
I Spy My Little Wife                                  inhalesdeeply    Exhibitionist & Voyeur       


Title                                                         Author                Categories
 My most shameful pantyhose orgasm     Lola_Lexis    Fetish & Kink       
The Buck Lick Swimming Hole               silverhawk    Exhibitionist & Voyeur, Laughing Matter       
A Chuck Wagon Ride To Safety               silverhawk    Adventure, Romance, Straight       
An Unexpected surprise                           Dinapetro    Adventure, First Time, True Stories       
A surprise during walkout at the public
park                                                       Dinapetro    First Time, Old & Young (18+), True Stories       
Silence                                                       Ylva                Romance, Straight       
Bad Girl                                                     Dinapetro    Adventure, First Time, True Stories       
Murder At The Saddle Horn Bar               silverhawk    Adventure, Romance, Straight       
Homecoming                                            Sky_Bubble    Short Stories, Straight, True Stories       
The Case of the Southeast Serial Cheater silverhawk    Adventure, Straight       


Title                                                         Author                Categories
Uncle Jim’s workshop                          Dinapetro    First Time, Old & Young (18+), TRUE Stories
On The Road With Rebecca St. James    Sky_Bubble    Straight, Fanfiction
Sharing Blankets                                       silverhawk    Adventure, First Time, Straight    
Return to Anzio                                      silverhawk    Mature, Romance, Straight     
Seducing Betty Ann                              Sky_Bubble    First Time, Romance, Straight    
Weekend With My Mother-in-law V            hondolane1949    First Time, Lesbian     
The Log of The Trading Ship Julay –
The New Water Recycler                 silverhawk    Erotic Sci-Fi, Laughing Matter, Straight   
The Girl Next Door                             Sky_Bubble    First Time, Short Stories, Straight   
Get Thee To A Nunnery Chapter 1   aphroditefox    Fetish & Kink, Novels (long Stories), Romance
The Auction, the Orc, and The Prince         HeatherLoftey    Adventure, Fantasy, Fetish & Kink   



Top Ten Stories for April 2022

Title                                                         Author                Categories
Teacher, Friend, Lover, Wife                silverhawk      Old & Young (18+), Romance, Straight
The Vet Takes A Husband                    silverhawk      First Time, Romance, Straight
That Night in Cartagena                       silverhawk      Adventure, Romance, Straight
Meet Me For Coffee                            AJPages           Anal, Exhibitionist & Voyeur, Hotwife
Living With Nancy                              silverhawk        Laughing Matter, Romance, Straight
The Skype Porn Aftermath                  Kornslayer1      Laughing Matter, Straight
me and Judy                                         janetb                Fetish & Kink, Interracial
Date Night                                            janetb                Romance, True Stories
Physio                                                  sechohotel2345  Lesbian
The Girlfriend Experience

(Chapter Eleven)                                    JeremyDCP      Group, Novels (long Stories)

Top Ten Stories for March 2022

Title                                                                          Author                 Categories
Renewal                                                                   Wise Ginger         Romance, Straight
The Pirate Mate and the Runaway Bride                 silverhawk           Adventure, Romance, Straight
A female-female quickie at the beauty Shop           Dinapetro             First Time, Lesbian, True Stories
Sexing The Neighbor's Husband Chapters 1 & 2    MariannaLove      Romance
A Weekend With My Mother-in-law 1                    hondolane1949     First Time, Lesbian
boring story about me                                              janetb                   True Stories
Another Cold Case and More Hot Nights               silverhawk            Adventure, Romance, Straight
Amy meets a black man in the chat room               janetb                   Interracial
First Time With                                                       DarrenDebra        Anal, No Sex, True Stories
Jill full fills a dream.                                               janetb                    Lesbian


Title                                                                Author                 Categories
My South Korean Orphan                         silverhawk    Mature, Romance, Straight
Hotel Testa Rasata                                     stacey90                 Fetish & Kink, Group, Swinger
On the train                                                 sechohotel2345    BDSM, Exhibitionist & Voyeur
Cold Cases and Hot Nights                     silverhawk    Adventure, Romance, Straight
Friends With Benefits                              clc8422                Out of the Ordinary, Straight
At A Dinner Party                                     Kornslayer1    Short Stories, Straight
Private Tutoring                                         jsn2003                 BDSM, First Time, Old & Young (18+)
Shannon's Desire                                      RayDario    Group, Hotwife, Lesbian
Letter #12 -- From the Lost Letter Bin
 in Everheart, North Dakot                    BartPinyoncede    Laughing Matter
One night stand between total strangers    Dinapetro    First Time, Straight, True Stories

STORY TITLE                                                AUTHOR    CATEGORY
The unexpected Bucket List adventure    NiceSlice    Mature, Straight, True Stories
Along the Way                                               scrawl                 Romance, Straight
Silver Strike Bride                                        silverhawk    Adventure, Romance, Straight
Finishing School: Chapter 9                      Vreena                 Fetish & Kink
“Eyes Wide Shut” Home family edition…    NiceSlice    Exhibitionist & Voyeur, First Time, Out of the Ordinary.

The Blue Fire                                                 silverhawk    Adventure, Romance, Straight
Anna's Trip to the Glory Hole                    MariannaLove    Fetish & Kink, Group, Interracial
The window fan portal                                 NiceSlice    Exhibitionist & Voyeur, Masturbation, True Stories
Fierce 3 Day Snowstorm Causes
Unexpected Confinement with Stepbr    NiceSlice    Adventure, Bi, Exhibitionist & Voyeur

The Consummate Dancer: Part 2             S.renwach    Straight, True Stories