Upcoming Changes

It's time to welcome the new decade (not that there is a choice), which is a perfect moment for reflection and renewal. That being said, I don't want to bore you with borrowed wisdom, but let me say that we have come far on Noveltrove, thanks to you, and I hope we will get even further in the time ahead. If you are wondering, these are not the first few lines of a 'good bye' letter. I'm writing to give you an update, to let you know about a few things likely to change on Noveltrove. I will try to explain why, and hope you will approve. It's not set in stone, please feel free to comment below and let everyone know what you think.

New forum

The old forum had a few flaws, and some of you experienced troubles using it. Thus we have been toiling away on our new forum, which will be directly integrated into the site. It will come with the possibility to vote on forum posts, and it will use a new ranking algorithm. Once it's finished, which should be quite soon, I'm sure you will love it.

Deletion of story and profile pictures

This might be controversial, but unfortunately we need to delete uploaded pictures by users (meaning your pictures). The reason is that copyright laws, especially in the EU, are taken more seriously, which is by and large a positive development. Nevertheless, this puts an increasing burden on websites to make sure that the images published by its users are not stolen, which is not an easy undertaking. Large sites have the possibility to use their own filters (and sometimes their lawyers), resources small sites don't have. Unfortunately this means that images will be permanently deleted after the 1st of February 2020. Please download all your uploaded images, as they won't be accessible afterwards.

Still, the positive side is that Noveltrove will be even more focused on the written word and your imagination.


Every author wants to see one's stories published quickly. On Noveltrove that's too often not the case. The simple reason is that there is a bottleneck, which is me. In the not so distant future one of our best authors, Silverhawk, will join me as a moderator to help get stories published more quickly.

That's all. Sincere thanks to you, Silverhawk, for helping me out and many thanks to you all for reading and writing.