The Work Spouse

Most companies, and the people who work in them, realize that having a work spouse is most likely going to happen. Especially if you spend more time at work than you do at home. Just last night for example, I changed departments near the end of the night, and mine brought over some things to me that I left behind. She had my back. We do that sort of thing for each other.....make small talk....make jokes.....compliment each other...(I tell her she has a nice ass and she tells me I have good ideas)..etc. but nothing goes on outside of work. I have a woman....she has a man.....it just is what it is.

But what do you think about company employees who don't see this as being enough? Those people who think you have to f#ck everything in sight to prove that you're a sexually active hetrosexual. Forget faithfulness, ethics or just the fact that your head isn't there at this point in time, that you spend most of your waking hours making some coin.........No......you have to go out and get you some from somebody else at work just for the sake of proving something.

Am I the only one who thinks this is low-brow? Going for the lowest common denominator and looking down on those who don't play that game?

(Posted Mar 01, 2017)