Is personality a turn-on?

How much does personality matter to you in terms of someone's sexual appeal? Do you view them as entirely separate, or does a good personality make someone sexier? Is this matter different in real life versus when you watch porn or look at sexy models on a site like this? Are any particular aspects of someone's personality turn-ons or turn-offs?

In real life, I can't separate personality and physical attractiveness entirely. If I like someone's personality, I'll always find them more good-looking than if I didn't know them very well. On a similar note, if I get to know someone and dislike them (or they use terrible, terrible grammar), I find them far less sexy.

Online, of course, it's far easier to see someone scantily clad and prettied up without having any idea of what their personality is like. Still, even just the information in their little "About Me" section or whatever the site offers can make me find that person slightly more or slightly less attractive, though I admit it is far less important.

Enough about me; I want to hear what everyone else thinks!

(Posted Dec 24, 2016)