How about TWO new collective stories simultaneously? Whoa!

Hey there, friends, readers and writers!

As usual, I had an amazing time creating the opening, writing the ending and editing the middle of our latest collective story - the sixth already, can you believe it? -, 'My Hot Stay in the Hospital'. As always, it went in directions I was not expecting but that's all part of the fun, isn't it? So now, I've decided to launch two new ones at the same time... and with a particular twist! But first, I want to remind you - If you haven't gotten around to reading the first six, you can check them out now. It'll give you an idea of what we're doing.

Here are the links:
* Jill's Hawaiian Vacation (straight): https://noveltrove.com/story/253/jill-s-hawaiian-vacation

* My New Roommate (lesbian): https://noveltrove.com/story/1795/my-new-roommate

* It Was a Dark Night (bi, straight, trans, group): https://noveltrove.com/story/2058/it-was-a-dark-night

* Happy New Year, New York City! (bi, group): https://noveltrove.com/story/2230/happy-new-year-new-york-city

* Catching Up with J.B. (gay): https://noveltrove.com/story/2361/catching-up-with-j-b

* My Hot Stay in the Hospital (gay, bi): https://noveltrove.com/story/2431/my-hot-stay-in-the-hospital

And for these next two, here's the twist. Each story will have a category (one will be GAY and the other will be STRAIGHT with a SCI-FI twist - a request from our founder and creator of all things, Arti!) and each story will have a reference picture that should also be used as inspiration.

I'll still write an intro... the first few paragraphs, and then, anybody who feels inspired can hop on and continue the story, but keeping in mind the photo and the category as inspiration. As usual, I'll probably come back at the end to finish the story, edit and correct it before I published it in the noveltrove story section with everybody's name in the opening, but who knows? Somebody else might come up with the ending this time. That would be fine, too, ff course. Let's just not end the story before it even starts! Hahaha! As usual, I'll set a deadline so we can eventually wrap it up.

So for these two new stories, deadline is August 2nd, 2019. That's six or seven weeks, right? If we haven't reached a conclusion yet, I'll hop back on and create an ending, and again, bring our stories to a plausible (let's hope) and pleasurable (let's hope even more) ending. :)

By the way, I always say this, but it bears repeating: You don't have to be the best author in the world to participate. Just write a few lines that contribute to the story. Have fun, use your imagination, and trust me to edit for spelling or grammar, etc... Don't worry and just do it!

So... is everybody ready? Here we go!

Tristan LeMay, author xx

(Posted Jun 15, 2019)