The catch of the title

I love to write erotic stories. 

I generally start from the title. Then, in the middle of the writing, I change the title. And when I'm ready to publish the story, I struggle to find the right one. The title that can catch the reader.

When I'm at the library or in a book store, I admit, what catch me is the cover. The colors, the font used for the title, and the paper. Yes. If you read romance and you ever had in your hands a book by Nora Roberts, you know what I mean. Her editor uses an "old paper" style. I started reading her book just for that reason!!!

But when you e-write, there is no such thing like cover, font, colors... 

The title and the intro is what catch the reader. It has to be about the story without revealing too much. And it can't be too long. But... how to create the right one?

Can someone help me on creating the right title for a story?


Thank you!