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I write under the pseudonym of Danielle W Batts. Born around the time of the swinging sixties. Although sadly I was too young to enjoy the hippy days, the era of so-called, free love. I was raised around the southern shores of England, where I live to this day, along with my adoring partner and our three children. We enjoy walks along the dramatic coastline and through unspoilt countryside. Often, we pause to quench our thirst at quaint, friendly, Inns. Between the bustle of everyday life, I write my stories of love and lust. I try to reflect the nature of some of the more adventurous amongst us. Moreover, I try to keep it real. I want readers to believe it, feel it, and hopefully, for those reading in bed, even dampen the sheets. If I can contribute even a small part to bring pleasure, then I have achieved my happy ending.