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Hello, and thank you for visiting my profile! I'm an east coast artist and writer. My hobbies include dogs, drawing, 3d printing, and tying up and punishing my lovely husband. My interests in erotica are pretty narrow for the moment, and my writing will reflect that. I'm after femdom, female and male, preferable bondage. And since I don't see much of that here, I intend to add to it! Most of my BDSM will also be placed in science fiction or fantasy settings, because the possibility of tentacles is just too good to pass up. One final note, while I have submitted my biological gender, please be aware that I identify as nonbinary. I don't stress about pronouns because gender just isn't important to me in my day to day life, so if you are comfortable with using female pronouns with me I won't particularly mind. However, I do most of all like neutral pronouns like them and they, if it's not too much trouble ^^. Thank you, and have a nice day!