The Noveltrove Interviews: Sorseress

Noveltrove interviews erotica author Sorseress, asking her the questions she provided us with. How about that? ;)

1. When did you create your first erotica story, and what was it about?

Well, my first story wasn’t fully erotica, more a romance story. In fact, I never thought that one day I would write anything steamy. Not at all. I was shy, and grew up in an environment, where everything was taboo. Sharing my views on sex with anyone, let alone write about it? No way…

And yet, I soon had to realize that writing romantic stories couldn’t happen without the couple getting it on eventually. Especially because the four books I created are about the same characters, and they are 100 pages each (which is a lot to go without including a sex scene every now and again). I must admit, I delayed the inevitable for as long as I could, just to realize later how much I enjoyed writing about sex.

Although my first attempts were very timid indeed, I tried to avoid being too explicit or descriptive. I concentrated on the romantic and paranormal aspect of it (the main characters dream about each other, and somehow when I was writing about the dreams, they gave me courage to be a bit braver).

But it wasn’t until I started writing my erotic short stories about a year ago, when I started to experiment. Well, if you have a look at ‘The Good Neighbour’, you can see how my explicitness and mood changed throughout the series. Although I haven’t uploaded the full story yet, only 7 parts so far, this was the very first fully erotic story I created, fulfilling one of my secret fantasies (no, I don’t have a hot neighbour, or at least I don’t think I have, but the idea always fascinated me).

2. What (or who) inspired you to start writing erotica?

My own lack of courage, if I’m honest. All my friends were so open about their relationships and their fantasies, so I thought: “Why do I have to be this way, when I want to explore everything that’s out there?” And as I have always enjoyed writing, I decided to try it out on paper. It started as a therapy I prescribed for myself, and then it escalated, taking me to places I never thought I would visit. I must say that I’m really glad I gave in to temptation.

3. What do you find most challenging when writing these stories?

To let them go when I finish writing them. I believe that it isn’t possible, especially when I create a longer story. The characters, the feelings stay with me long after, as they become part of me for at least a little while. Another aspect of it is that I keep thinking about what others read into them, and whether they convey their meaning in a way that I intended them to. But, just like when you give birth to a child, when writing a story as well you need to give it space after some time.

I once read a quotation (not sure where, or who said it, but it made me smile and I could definitely relate): “I met the man of my dreams last night.. in chapter five…” *Sigh*

4. Do you write in other genres, and if yes, then would you consider mixing them with erotica?

Yes, and not sure. I ghost-write for a living, as well as create my own stories, which include romance, horror, thriller, fantasy, crime and more, but I’m not sure it would feel right to mix them with erotica. Mind that, I have had some strange requests that were a mixture, like fetish-horror, but it didn’t actually include erotica. I suppose it could have, as it was about a foot fetish, which seems to be quite popular. Oh well, another thing to look at in the future :)

My favourite ones are psychological thrillers though, so I could probably turn one of those into erotica, but at the moment I’m thinking of a transition, rather than a mix. So, for example it would start as a thriller, but have a sexual ending. Hmm…

5. Have you written any stories that were inspired by real life events?

Yes. In fact, my very first story, ‘Her First and Last Secret Admirer’ (the four books I mentioned earlier) started with an actual recurring medieval dream, which I then implemented into the plot, creating a story and background for it. If it wasn’t for that urge to put the whole thing into writing, I probably would never have picked up the courage to write at all. Now it is both in print and on Kindle, so I guess it was a nice bargain :)

I think that writing about real events, twisting them a little, but still keeping them close to your heart is an important process. Also, that way you can relive those events over and over again, and others will keep guessing what was the real part in it. Strangely enough, it adds to its mystery…

6. What is your speciality and why?

I would say it’s mixing the past with the present. I’m not an expert, but I also love to keep up the suspense until the end. Although this doesn’t always come through in my erotic stories, as they are linear, but in my paranormal romance books, I draw a parallel between what happened 500 years ago and what’s happening right now. It’s difficult to explain without revealing the plot itself, but I do love to play with the mind of the reader, if you know what I mean.

7. Are there any topics you don`t like writing about?

Now? Not really. If you asked me a year ago, I would have said everything that involves sex ;) I guess I just realized that I shouldn’t say no, just because I don’t know how something feels. If I don’t try, I will never know… If I’m not familiar with a topic, then I do my research, but not too many things scare me nowadays (without wanting to sound weird or vain).

8. Do you have any tips / warnings for newbie erotica writers?

Follow your dreams. You will get some ugly feedback (or none at all), but that doesn’t mean that your work isn’t appreciated. Don’t take them personally, but accept them, so that they can serve as stepping stones, helping you improve your writing. We all make mistakes; that’s what makes us human.

Personally, I couldn’t wait to grab a physical copy of my books, and that made up for whatever negativity I got (but luckily it has only been minor stuff so far). So, if you are thinking about writing, or if you already have a story or two, try to make them into a book, no matter how tiny it is. Trust me, as soon as you have it on your shelf, you will become a different person.

9. What is your favourite season and why?

Spring, because that’s when everything comes to life. I just love to watch the flowers blossom and the world wake up from its winter slumber. I always feel like I’m reborn myself every time springs comes (I know, I’m a hopeless romantic).

Thanks a lot!