We've been mailed

We've been mailed

Hey there,

First of all, we love to get YOUR emails and always try to respond on time. If we don't, it might have inadvertedly ended up in our spam folder, or we haven't noticed it. If that's the case, please write us again. Back on topic, I'm pretty sure that your inbox is not unfamiliar with annoyances, but if you ever wondered how the inbox of an erotic stories website looks like, I'll give you a sneak peek with this little post. Before you start to worry, the likelyhood that any of the emails below is from you, is almost zero.

First, let's start with a low effort, thus attempting to trick the recipient into opening an attachment:


Hello there! I hope all is well!

I'm very interested in a internship.
Find my attached resume and get back to me ASAP.

The file is password protected to protect against identity theft. The password is "resume"
Looking forward to hearing back from you!


Sorry "Gabrielle", no internship for you. This is pretty low in effort, as I was never looking for an intern and this email is extremely generic in nature. It most likely ends up in many inboxes. For anyone who is wondering what's being played here, this password protected attachment might be the attack vector for a so called ransomware attack. Once opened, the attachment will lock down your computer and you need to pay a ransom (often in bitcoin) to get access again to your machine. It's password protected, to keep your antivirus software from detecting it on the spot.


Let's continue with more bitcoin:


Hi there,

My name is Lucy and I am writing because so many people seem to be simultaneously terrified and transfixed about the concept of investing in Bitcoin. There has been no end of media chatter about cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin in particular, especially in relation to its volatility over recent months. As an investor myself, I have encountered the highs as well as the lows.

I know you don't have much time, so I will keep this quick. I'm a freelance writer and I also work as a content manager for a site that provides advice about Cryptocurrencies. I've helped the team to put together an article that looks specifically at the volatility of Bitcoin, and the lessons that traders can take from it. You are welcome to take a look at it here...

I was just researching some new topics when I came across https://noveltrove.com/first-ever-erotic-story-bitcoin-contest and it crossed my mind that an article about Bitcoin volatility would be of interest to your readers. I would be happy to write an article for noveltrove.com, that would make reference to the research I have carried out and other useful resources.

Please let me know what you think as I'd love to work with you on this.

Best wishes,


That's pretty smart, but again low effort. Low effort because it's pretty obvious for anyone who has visited Noveltrove that this is not the place for an article about Bitcoin volatility, which means that "Lucy" sadly didn't really visit our great community. Lucy, you should! If you are wondering why she kindly offers her services for free, the article in question would be promotional in nature and include links back to her site. Still, thumbs up for the immaculate style.


Promotion, straightened up a bit:


Dear noveltrove.com Team,

Hope you are doing well.

I thought you might like to know some reasons why you are not getting enough website hits/visitors and conversion.

My name is Lelia ... and I am the SEO and Digital marketing expert of a leading SEO service provider company. As per my analysis, your website is not performing well in the Google, Yahoo and Bing organic searches.

Also your traffic flow is poor from last couple of months due to some of the reasons.

.."long list of reasons"..

Area of Improvement:

We will give you 1st page ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Improve your organic traffic and sales.

If you will not satisfied with our results then we will refund your money as per the money back guarantee policy.

.. "more improvement" ..

For more details please reply. We have 24x7 supports, so you can contact any point of time with your website issues.

Thanks & Regards,



Thanks "Lelia" for trying, but I don't think that I want your help, especially as you don't even seem to have a company website, as a "leading company". Moreover, pleeease pay someone to proofread your sales pitch.


Adult sites offer a few ways to make money, at least if they are popular. Who would have guessed, right?Let's read what Paul has to say:



Hope all is well!

I wanted to see if we can partnership with Noveltrove. We are looking for high quality traffic for our Adult Dating & Cams campaigns. I believe there's a good business opportunity here where you can make good money. We have many Niche sites. We been in the adult industry over 20 years and payout on a NET 7.

We own sites such as

... (list of well known websites)...

Looking forward to hear from you to talk business

Thank you,you,



Noveltrove is (still) ads-free, but many sites make money by forwarding traffic. Forwarding traffic to other sites that forward traffic, or to sites that really want you to buy a membership.


Looking for sex toys? Better don't look twice here:


Dear Manager,

Good day.

This is Jay from ..., We are the original manufacturer in China.

Our products contain Sucking Massager,Pumps,Anal toys,Dildos,Vibrators,Male Masturbators etc.

Also, We have a very cheaper 7 Speed Vibrating Male Masturbator for you.

Please check the pictures enclosed, The EXW price is $2.9/pcs, more quantity more cheaper, many thanks.


Best regards



Thanks Jay, I'm intreagued by the 7 Speeds and that really is cheap. But still, no thanks. I get quite a lot of these, not only for sex toys, but also for diving equipment, peptides and almost everything else. Personally I wouldn't blindly buy (or sell) cheap no name products like these, as I'm not sure what wood they really are made out of.


Advertising is the salt of the internet, one last, rather straightforward email from Aleksander



Do you accept sponsored posts on your site?

We are willing to pay and writing texts by ourselves.

Can you name the price in USD, please?

Do you accept Paypal payments?

Waiting for your answer.




Sponsored posts are by no means uncommon and not necessarily unethical, as long as they are labelled as such. Sadly quite often the unexpecting reader is kept in the dark about their true nature. After all, this sells better as they seem more sincere.

That's all, I hope you enjoyed my post. Comment below about what sexy (or annoying) emails you get.


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