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I haven't published any ads yet. The suspense is killing you, right?
I've come late to erotic writing and fiction in general is a new experience for me. Thanks to NovelTrove and my partner, I've been getting into erotic fiction. I find that pornography and much so-called erotica fails to recognise that most arousal is created in one's own mind, prompted in subtle ways by images seen, read and heard. As a result, most of it fails to resonate with most women and, it seems, with many men. I've dabbled in private with erotic stories, but have been urged by my partner to expose some of my dabblings to a larger audience. I'm hoping to grow as an author of erotica with feedback from NovelTrove readers and other authors - so don't hold back! I've had an interesting professional career, with lots of travel, so I like to use real places and real experiences as both stimuli and settings for my erotic imagination.