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I haven't published any ads yet. The suspense is killing you, right?
Time to update my bio, now that I've been publishing stories on NovelTrove for several years! My writing has shifted from being scientific and quite prescribed - during my career - to dabbling in erotic fiction (and some non-fiction!) in recent years. Having travelled a lot, I like to use real places and real experiences as both stimuli and settings for my erotic imagination. In my stories, I try to see erotic arousal from the perspectives of all participants and I try to capitalise on the fact that most arousal is created in one's own mind. Good erotic writing should be able to exploit this! I was urged by my partner to expose some of my dabblings to a larger audience and it has been a very rewarding experience, mostly as a result of encouraging and constructive feedback from NovelTrove readers and other authors.