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I haven't published any stories yet. The suspense is killing you, right?
I haven't published any ads yet. The suspense is killing you, right?
Hello! My name is Tera and I am the webmistress of Succubus.net, a website focused upon, quite obviously, succubi... You'll find on my site a Blog called A Succubi's Tale, a wiki about the succubi called SuccuWiki and a Gallery of the Succubi as well. There is also a Forum for those that like to discuss Succubi, RP and do... other things... I'm also the webmistress of the Hypnopics-Collective, a website which has a hypnosis and mind control theme where image captions, role playing and game development occurs. I'm a writer as well, usually posting one story a week on my Blog and I have some stories posted on MCStories, a mind control erotica website. My alter ago, Tera, the Queen of the Succubi, pops up all over the web and has appeared in several published works by several authors beyond my own storytelling... My interests are Succubi, of course, mind control, hypnosis and erotica in general... But most of all.. ...I love seduction... Care to be seduced?